We accept all childcare vouchers.

To book an event using childcare vouchers simply select ‘Pay with Vouchers’ in the checkout, After seeing your booking confirmation, please contact your childcare voucher provider and quote provider Account Number or Ofsted  EY number (listed below). Your childcare provider will then contact us to arrange payment.
Please contact us if your provider is not listed below, as we should be able to register with them.

We currently accept vouchers form the following organisations:

KIDDIVOUCHERS To Pay with KiddiVouchers Click Here for Info
FIDELITI:  To Pay with Fideliti  Vouchers Click Here for Info
COMPUTERSHARE:  To Pay with Computershare Vouchers Click Here for Info
EDENRED: To Pay with Edenred Vouchers  Click Here for Info
CARE 4:  To Pay with Care 4 Vouchers  Click Here for Info
SODEXO use Account Number 886630
APPLE CHILDCARE VOUCHERS: To Pay with Apple ChildCare Vouchers  Click Here for Info
GEMELLI: To Pay with Gemelli Vouchers Click Here for Info
EARLY YEARS VOUCHERS : To Pay with Early Years Vouchers  Click Here for Info
CABOODLE (Salary Exchange):To Pay with Caboodle Vouchers Click Here for Info
Bright Horizons   (Please contact SKC head office on 01444 461889)
LADYBIRD:  (Please contact SKC head office on 01444 461889)
Reward Gateway Childcare  ID: 20141028854

Venue EY numbers:

Quayside youth centre: EY552087
St. Johns Primary School Tunbridge Wells: EY552088
Pound Hill Junior School: 2510366