Policies and Procedures

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.
How to Book

All bookings are made by parents online. To register, click on the ‘Book now’ button, then click ‘Register’. You will then need to give a few details about yourself and enter a password that you wish to use for your online account. Once you have submitted this you will receive an email which will enable to now register your child/ren’s details and make a booking. Once registered you can book your sessions at any time by clicking ‘book now’ and then entering your email address and the password. You will then be taken to your online account where you can check upcoming bookings, outstanding payments and make new bookings. As long as there is availability, once registered, you can book your child into our Wraparound or School Holidays Club.


Hours of operation

Breakfast and After School Club

Monday – Friday
Breakfast club 7:30am till school starts
After school club 2:45pm till 6:00pm
As we are currently waiting for the school to be completed children must be dropped off for the breakfast club at St Barnabas Church at 7:30am at the end of the session our staff will then take the children to their schools. Our staff will then collect the children 2.45pm from the Pound Hill Infants classroom or reception and 3pm from Pound Hill Junior school receptionto take them to their afterschool club. The children must then be collected from St Barnabas Churchat 5pm/ 6pm depending on their booking.

School Holidays Club

Monday – Friday
Our standard hours from February 2019 for all camps and courses are 9:00am – 5:00pm and all standard prices are based on these hours. We also offer extended care between 8:00am to 9:00am and from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.
You will need to purchase extended care at time of booking and will have the option to select care at either or both ends of the day.
The cost for extended care is £5.00 for each end of the day (8am to 9pm or 5pm to 6pm). Additional charges will be enforced if you do not collect by 6pm

Payment Types

We accept all types of cards and make no charge for card payments. Debit/Credit Card, Bacs Payment, If you are booking over two months in advance payments can be spread across the duration of the booking using a re-occurring payment plan generated by the system.
Standing Orders and BACS payment
Natwest: Southeast Martial arts Ltd, Sort Code: 54-30-36, Account Number 39220389
For Paypal Cheque and Cash, please contact us on 01444 461889

First Aid

All our staff have a paediatric 1st Aid certificate and at a minimum there will always be a staff member present who has undertaken appropriate First Aid Training including epi-pen use. There is a very well stocked first aid box available to all staff. In addition, all staff have received appropriate training how to deal with and record accidents and emergencies.


All staff receive appropriate training, such as Safeguarding All of our staff hold first aid and Health and safety certification.
All of our staff Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability insurance.
All venues are risk assessed by staff on a daily basis and staff are trained to identify any hazards.

The club is committed to ensuring that it meets its responsibilities in respect of child protection through the provision of support and training to staff. Therefore, the club will ensure that:

· All staff, students and volunteers are carefully recruited, have verified references and have full and up to date Criminal Record Bureau DBS checks.

· Checking of the applicants’ identity (passport, driving license, etc);

· All staff and volunteers are given a copy of the Safeguarding Children/Child Protection policy during their induction, and have its implications explained to them.

· All staff and volunteers receive regular training and supervision in child protection issues and are provided with any relevant information and guidance.

· All staff are provided with supervision and management support commensurate with their responsibilities in relation to child protection, and their requirement to maintain caring and safe relationships with children

· All staff are aware of the main indicators of child abuse.

· All staff have up to date knowledge of safeguarding issues
· All staff are aware of their statutory requirements in respect of the disclosure or discovery of child abuse and the procedure for doing so. All students and volunteers are instructed to report the disclosure or discovery of abuse to the Manager.

· The club will take appropriate action in relation to the findings of any investigation into allegations of abuse, consistent with its duties to protect the safety of children and up hold fair processes for staff, students and volunteers.

· Listen to the child/young person

· Look at them directly and do not promise to keep any secrets before you know what they are, but always let the child/young person know if, and why, you are going to tell anyone

· Take whatever is said to you seriously and help the child/young person to trust his/her own feelings. Take notes of exactly what is said to you avoiding assumptions and conjecture.

· Speak immediately to the Local Authority or NSPCC for further advice and guidance

Any member of staff, a student or volunteer under investigation for the alleged abuse of a child, will be subject to the provisions of the Staff Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures policy.

Lunch and Breaks

School Holidays Club
Please send your child with a packed lunch and a bottle of water or fruit juice in refillable drinks bottle.– all in a bag/ backpack and please
ensure are clearly marked with the child’s name.

Children have an hour for lunch: the first 30 minutes is spent eating with friends and instructors, and then there’s another 30 minutes to run around, play games, or chill out. We also have two 15-minute breaks one in the morning and one in the afternoon

Lunch and breaks are fully supervised and children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch.

What to Wear and bring?

School Holidays Club
Comfortable clothing for an active day, please give your child a spare change of clothes in case they get wet after a game
What do I need to wear on the course? Either a PE kit or jogging bottoms, t-shirt

Child Protection/Safeguarding children

The purpose of Southeast Kids Camps children and young people’s programme is to offer the children a safe and welcoming environment with fun activities where the children can grow and learn. Whether this be through Southeast Kids Camps

The Southeast Kids Camps values young people and children as being a vital part of the organisation and desires to see them grow, mature and be challenged in a healthy and safe environment.

The club will appoint a member of staff as the Safeguarding Children/Child Protection Officer. This Officer will have suitable experience, training and expertise, and will be responsible for liaising with social services, Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) and Ofsted in any child protection matter. and Ofsted in any child protection matter. If the designated person is unavailable, the Person in Charge must be contacted

The setting’s procedures also comply with other guidance (for example, ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children) or advice from the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) formerly known as the Area Child Protection Committees (ACPC).
The club is committed to reviewing its Safeguarding Children/Child Protection policy and procedures at regular intervals. The policy and its procedures will be shared with parents/carers during their child’s settling in period.

South East Kids Camps are registered with Ofsted.
South East Kids Camps - Ofsted Registered

Safe Caring

All staff understand the setting’s child protection procedures and have had appropriate training and guidance in the principles of safe caring. To this end:

• Every effort will be made to avoid instances when members of staff, students, volunteers or parents are left alone with a child other than their own, for their own protection and that of children and young people. There will be 2 adults at all times with children. In an extreme case or emergency where a member of staff is alone with a child, the door of the room should be kept open and another member of staff should be informed.

• If a child makes inappropriate physical contact with a member of staff, students or volunteer, this will be recorded fully in the Incident Record Book.

• Staff will never carry out a personal task for children that they can do for themselves. Where this is essential, staff will help a child whilst being accompanied by a colleague. Unless a child has a particular need, staff should not accompany children into the toilet. Staff are aware that this and other similar activities could be misconstrued.

• Staff will be mindful of how and where they touch children, given their age and emotional understanding.

• Unnecessary or potentially inappropriate physical contact will be avoided at all times.

• All allegations made by a child against a member of staff will be fully and accurately recorded, including any actions taken, in the Incident Record Book. In the event of there being a witness to an incident, they should sign the records to confirm this.

• Avoid shouting and derogatory comments

• Use positive comments and feedback whenever possible

• Not use a mobile phone or camera whilst leading a session with a group of children and this will be treated as a case of misconduct if the staff member is caught doing so

Contacts Numbers

For cancelation and alterations please contact the Head Office.  For late pickup and late drop offs please contact the settings manager

Head office Telephone: 01444 461889 / 07876617115
Pound hill Manager Louise Fish Tel: 07834 469372
Quayside Youth centre Manager Marisa De Faveri Tel: 07736 296809
St. John’s School Manager Marc Brooks Tel: 07738 052960